Friday, April 17, 2009

Virus Protection : How to remove Virus from Hard Drives

Virus Protection : How to remove Virus from Hard Drives
is a virus which attacks the hard drives & the hard drives could not be opened by double clicking. Most anti virus programs are unable to virus clean up and even if they do, in most cases they are unable to delete viruses, only quarantine it. Here are some steps which can help you out to remove virus from your hard drives.

In hard drives after enabling viewing hidden file u can see some autorun file & a file named which cannot be removed just by deleting.

Here’s the REAL way to clean this off your system.

You should do these steps after a rebooting computer in safe mode.

1) Navigate to the problem drive(s) via the Explore option.


3) Click the button which says ‘Show hidden files and folders.

4) UNCHECK the following boxes

Hide extensions for known file types

Hide protected operating system files

5) Find and delete the autorun.ini file and the recycled folder on the root directory of all virus infected drives.

6) Check “c:\windows\system32\dllcache” for virus file and delete it if present.

7) Check “c:\windows\prefetch” for file and delete if present.

8) Delete all files from c:\windows\temp
(Some files may not delete, that’s OK, they’re in use by the system and not virus files.)

9) Delete all files from c:\Documents and Settings\[USER PROFILE]\Local Settings\Temp
(Again, a couple files may not delete, don’t worry.)

10) Run Regedit

11) Make sure you are at the very first entry of the registry hive.
(My Computer should be highlighted) then click EDIT - FIND

12) Search for “”. If it finds an entry, delete it. Keep hitting F3 until you’ve deleted all instances of in the entire registry.

13) Scroll the left column back up to the top and highlight the My Computer again at the top of the registry hive.

14) Click Edit - Find again and search for ‘recycled’ and repeat as in step 13, deleting the entries as it finds them.

15) Close registry editor and try opening the infected drives.

Now You are Done kindly let me know if you are still having some problem.