Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Speed Up Pc Computer Using Windows Tweak | How to Speed up your PC by this simple RAM tweak

How to Speed up your PC by this simple Ram Memory tweak

Well this E Learning Tutorial or in other terms a Windows Tweak for the Techs. So… Faster Computer, first of all why a Faster Pc Performance?? Well its not a question of a Faster PC but this is more a question of when. If you’ve been running heavy Software Programs (maybe 3d video game, Photoshop, something like that) the RAM can get taken up quickly. Even when you close down these Computer Programs, Ram Memory can still be eaten-up.

You’ll notice this effect at the end of the day. When you first turn on your PC it’s running smoothly, by the end of the day slows down. Yes, you can get various Software Applications to solve this. May of which costs but when free things matters, here is how a simple Windows Tweak can work (in both XP and Vista)

1. Open up Windows Notepad (I use Notepad++, review coming soon)

2. Type in MYSTRING=(80000000)

3. Save the file as MEMORY.VBE (or RAM.VBE if you like…just remember the .VBE)

4. Make sure you save the file to your DESKTOP.

5. Just double-click the newly created file on your desktop whenever your PC seems to slow down. It will give your RAM a much needed Boost.

Not that if you have less than Ram Memory 128mb (do you really? If so then Oh! wake up you need a Memory Upgrade. (Ram Upgrading will make your PC a lot faster) change the 80000000 to 160000000 and it should work the same.

RAM Defrag is nice Freeware Software utility that frees up your RAM however it clears of all the injected DLL’s and the Cache so the Computer may get more sluggish for a while a Defrag.

Liked the Trick, I hope you wont mind in wasting 20 seconds and writing me a comment below. Thanks for that !