Friday, July 23, 2010

How To Fix Print Spooler Service Error

One of my group members asked me to help him out in installation of his printer as he was unable to install his printer and was getting print spooler service error. I thought to share the print spooler service error fix along with you guys too. I am mentioning my members help request and my solution below.
"HI Friend
I am using windows xp sp3 but today suddenly I have lost my installed Printer (I am using HP 6L Printer). When I want to add printer, there is message coming in front of me. " The printer spooler service is not running"
Could I resolve this problem without installing a fresh windows?"

The basic function of print spooler service is to load files to memory for printing i.e. you need this to print stuff.

Now to fix Print Spooler Service Error go to

Start> Run > CMD and press enter, then type 'net start spooler'

for further trouble shooting as to why it is not auto running, go to

Start> Control Panel (in classic veiw) > administrative tools > services

in there you will find print spooler, make sure that service is set to automatically run, you can also start the service from there and if it can't run it will give you the error as to why.

If any one of you still has a problem regarding print spooler service error, feel free to contact me.